Private Tote Workshop Party

$300.00 CAD

Gather your friends, family or co-workers for a tote-ally fun project-based party! 🎉   Do you have a bigger group or a distant location? Please get in touch if you'd like us to bring our workshop to you. We can facilitate workshops for groups of up to 50 participants. 

At a tote party, we provide all the materials and equipment for you and your guests to design and make your own totes embellished with vinyl! You'll design either Polka Totes or Scrap Totes, and we'll heat press them on. Choose your own vinyl pieces from our huge stash with options in neons, neutrals, brights, pastels, sparkle and velvet.

The class is open to adults and children ages 8 and up. Parties for children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult supervisor, or a maximum of 2 adult supervisors.

The tote-making project takes 1-2 hours and guests leave the party with their finished totes. We allot 2 hours for tote parties, this includes snack time if that's part of your plan.

About the Totes

Make one of two styles:

  • Polka Tote- chosen from our buffet of prepared vinyl circles.
  • A Scrap Tote - you will hand cut shapes from a multitude of vinyl options to collage your own design. We also provide small pre-cut shapes for you to use. 

Scrap Totes take longer than Polka Totes. You must select either Scrap Totes or Polka Totes for the entire party ahead of time, as our prep and set up is different for each type.

Each guest will select between a natural cotton or black tote - both made of 12 oz 100% cotton heavy canvas. The totes are 14” wide, 16” tall, and have a 3" depth. Handles are 24" webbing.


  • Custom-cut words, shapes, etc. (ex: guests’ names) - please inquire for pricing, 
    Booking & Pricing

    The base fee for 6 participants is $300. Each additional participant is $45. Our studio is small and the maximum number of participants that can be accommodated is 8 individuals. 

    Parties can be held during evenings and weekends. 

    Our Space

    The workshop takes place on the main floor of the OkayOk studio at 40 Sousa Mendes Street in Toronto. 

    Our work tables are standing height and we have tall stools which will be provided for seating - guests may choose to sit or stand during the party.

    Accomodations can be made for any accessibility needs. 


    How do I book a Tote Bag Party?
    Reach out to if you have a specific date and time in mind. Purchase the base party package above for 6 people. We will follow up within 2 business days to confirm your party. Any additional add ons or participants will be billed on the date of the event.

    Do I have to know anything about vinyl or a heat press?

    Not at all. Guests will just need to be comfortable using scissors if you've selected a Scrap Tote Party. We will take care of all heat pressing during the class.

    Which style of tote is best for a kids party?
    For a kids party, we recommend a Scrap Tote option rather than a Polka Tote option because there is more creative freedom - the sky is the limit. 

    Can guests decorate both sides of their totes?
    The Polka Tote Design is for one side. Scrap Tote designs can be applied to both sides, keeping in mind that there is a 2 hour time allotment for the party.

    Can I bring food and drinks? 
    Yes, you are welcome to use our small kitchenette and available glasses, cutlery and dishes to cut down on waste. We have a dishwasher - so don't worry about the mess! We prefer a dedicated snack or cake time after the project is complete. This is our day-to-day workspace so please keep it light and contained, with our thanks!  

    Cancellation Policy.

    Please notify us within 24 hours of your workshop if you need to cancel. The workshop cost is non-refundable, but you may choose an alternate date in the future. You forfeit the cost of the workshop if you cancel within less than 24 hours, or don't show up for your class.  

    If a situation arises in which we need to cancel a class, you will be offered a refund or an alternative date to attend.

    Please email with any questions.

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