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Okayok socks are elite

These socks changed the game for me - 10/10 would recommend. Looking forward to trying the wool version for winter.


I wear sweatpants almost every day (I work from home) and whenever laundry is done, these are the first pair I grab. Love the colourful flecks! Light the high waist! And loooove the pant length. I’m 5’10” and these ones actually cover my ankles! You won’t regret these! Exclamation marks!

Workshops at OKAYOK

Polka Tote Workshop

Polka Totes are a classic OKAYOK style. Here's your chance to make your own! Select a palette from dozens of options of pre-cut circles in neons, neutrals, brights and more.

Scrap Tote Workshop

In this workshop, we provide all the materials and equipment for you to design and make your own Scrap Tote! You'll hand cut shapes from a multitude of vinyl options to collage your own design.

Tote Bag Party

Gather your friends, family or co-workers for a tote-ally fun project-based party! 

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