Our Story

okayok purple t-shirt dress

OKAYOK is a brand of fashion forward playwear, with an aesthetic we like to call Altleisure.  We make fun, comfortable clothing and accessories that are wildly appropriate for both your private and public life.

The line includes a selection of core loungewear basics, paired with seasonal stories in theme and craft. Our seasonal inspiration ranges in scope from deep down to on the surface. From obscure personal experiences to simple colours and motifs.  We are continually inspired by late eighties, early nineties Esprit and the vintage Canadian loungewear brands Au Coton and Cotton Ginny.

Everything we sell is made in Toronto from fabric to finishing.  The 100% cotton textiles are milled in Toronto and we work with a small batch garment dyer to develop unique and unexpected colour stories each season. Garments are sewn between three local manufacturers, as well as in house.  

We are currently a small team of three women. We do all t-shirt, sweatshirt and textile printing in our Junction Triangle studio. Our original prints and graphics are created with both hand and machine cut motifs out of heat appliqué vinyl.

Brand designer Adrienne Butikofer is an indie fashion maker misfit who has been selling her work in Toronto for over ten years. After the birth of her daughters in 2009 and 2011, she chose to narrow her focus to a singular product- skinny cut sweat pants. That narrow focus grew organically over five years into a full collection of creative loungewear called Skinny Sweats.  OKAYOK launched in September 2017 as a focused and refreshed step forward for the designer, as a fashion artist and maker and a woman in business.