Mail Order Printed Denim

$95.00 CAD

We're all about that second life, so send us your denim for printing! We're ready to give your favourite pair of jeans a glow up with dynamic and one of a kind prints. We prefer to print on 100% (or close) cotton denim without a lot of stretch. Some vinyls don't stretch so it's better if the jeans have a looser fit. 

You can choose from an all over dot pattern on the front with a densely dotted turn up cuff, an ascending line of dots down the front and back center of each leg, or a design of foil printed patches. 

Order Instructions:
  1. Purchase one (1) Mail Order Printed Denim per pair of jeans that you'd like to have printed.
  2. Choose your printing style below. We will follow up over email to discuss details like print colour.
  3. Mail your clean denim to us at 40 Sousa Mendes, Toronto, ON, M6P 0B2. Or, you can drop it off in person!
  4. Your denim will be printed in our Toronto studio, and we'll ship it back to you or send you an email for pickup. 

If, for any reason, we find that we cannot fulfill your request, the cost of printing will be refunded and denim returned. 

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions! 

Fabric & Care

Fabric: N/A

Care Instructions:

Supply Chain

Textile Source: N/A

Sewing: N/A

Dyeing: N/A

Printing: Printed in our Toronto studio.