Made To Order, Explained

Made To Order, Explained

A lot of our printed apparel is made-to-order.  Most of it, actually. We scream YES! and punch the air when we get an order for something we don't have to make. 

Made-to-order means that we have the supplies on hand to make the things, but we don't always have the things made. It can be a lot of pressure- when during a busy period we can suddenly have a queue of 10, 20, even 30 pieces of clothing to print. And we feel respect for our customers to get things sent out as quickly as possible. So why does this work for OkayOk?

  • Creative Freedom! We can try out ideas and put them online without taking the financial risk of investing in inventory. Crystal balls aren't real.
  • Lower Overhead! The supplies we use often repeat across many different styles. We can make one smaller investment in materials that give us the opportunity to make many things.
  • Control! We are in charge of the quality and thoughtful intention behind everything that leaves our hands. We get to offer products that are artisanal in nature, that take time to make. Slow Fashion is here to stay, and adhering to a made to order model is one of the ways OkayOk participates.
  • Flexibility! We are able to say YES! when someone comes to us with a request for something a little different than what we offer online. Because, we can make it. 


One of two downsides to a made to order business model - orders do not ship immediately. If you're ever curious about where your order is in our queue - feel free to reach out.

The other downside is that we are not able to offer refunds. We just can't work all day on items that we may not be paid for. We offer the option to exchange for a different size, or receive store credit. We will often have to make the different size for you, but that's okay ok! 

* April 9th Designer's Note: Thank you for your patience during the Covid-19 shutdown! I am currently managing all made-to-order garments and shipping without studio help, and on a reduced and altered schedule because my kids are with me. Items are taking a little longer these days. Please reach out if you're on a deadline to receive your order and I'll bump you up in the queue. : )  



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