Toronto Makes: The Book

Toronto Makes: The Book

Over the past few years as my work has evolved, I have felt more connected to self-identifying as a maker, rather than a fashion designer. When Family of Things asked me to be in their book telling the stories of 50 makers from all disciplines in Toronto- of course I said yes. It's an honour to be recognized for my very hands-on approach to creating apparel. 

There is a Kickstarter- and with your help this beautiful book project will be published. The Kickstarter package designed by me includes a limited edition Polka Tote and a copy of the book.  Support Toronto Makes by purchasing any of the many packages available, as a gift to yourself or a handmade loving friend. If you can't decide- then definitely a Polka Tote by OKAYOK :) 

The Kickstarter campaign will finish on December 3rd. Do you have friends and family who are interested in the handmade revolution? Please do share this exciting project with them. 

Support Toronto Makes: The Book by purchasing one of our limited edition Polka Totes right here. 

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