OKAYOK for G(irls) 20

OKAYOK for G(irls) 20

Between March 3rd and March 11th, OKAYOK is donating the net proceeds from our International Women's Day Collection to G(irls) 20, a global initiative teaching and mentoring the next generation of female leaders. 

What is G(irls) 20?

"Launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, G(irls)20 places young women at the centre of decision- making processes. Through our signature programs, Global Summit and Girls on Boards, we make strategic investments in young women through education and training, building networks, and access to unparalleled opportunities at home and abroad. While advocating for change at the global level through the annual G(irls)20 Global Summit, we are invested in changing the status quo for women at decision-making tables in communities across Canada by placing Girls on Boards."

Each year since 2010, 24 young women from around the world have been chosen to attend a global summit where they gain skills in leadership and communication, and work together on a forward thinking communique to be presented to the leaders at the G20. The intention is for them to take their knowledge back to their home countries, to start their own initiatives to empower girls and women. Go here to learn about some of the projects these young women have been working on in countries around the world. 

How and why did this come about?

We met Heather Barnabe, the CEO of G(irls) 20 when she became a customer, and we started a conversation from there. Women are our raison d'être, so we wanted to do something to benefit this inspiring organization.  

What we love most about G(irls) 20?

It's global! There are so many places in the world where women's rights are far behind where they are in Canada. Encouraging these bright young women to become leaders in their communities will have a real and lasting impact on the fight for equal rights for women around the world. 

How can you get involved? 

And finally, to quote Beyonce

"Who run the world?
  GIRLS. "


G(irls) 20

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