The Hoodickie

$98.00 CAD
The Hoodickie was designed as an indoor outdoor accessory to warm your head, your heart, and your spine. Layer it over or under a jacket, wear it indoors like a little blanket cape. Wear it hood up or hood down. Tie the ties at the back for extra warmth around your neck. Hood is double layer and the polka dot print is made with a reflective grey toned material that lights up like a rainbow in a camera flash or headlights. 
  • Available in two sizes. S/M is recommended for sizes XS-M and petite frames. Size M/L is recommended for size large and up and taller frames. 
  • Also available as a Lone Hood!
Fabric & Care

Fabric: 100% cotton sweatshirt fleece.

Care Instructions: Vinyl appliqués are washer and dryer safe. Wash cold inside out, hanging to dry is best.

Supply Chain

Textile Source: Fabric milled in the Montreal area.

Sewing: Cut and sewn in our Toronto studio.

Dyeing: N/A

Printing: Printed in our Toronto studio.